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What the FAD: Celery Juice

There are so many health trends coming out these days, but it's hard to tell which ones really improve your health and which are just not worth the hype. This particular FAD came about following the detox trend. Many celebrities swear by drinking celery juice claiming it boosts their energy, helps with digestion, and promotes clear skin. There are a lot of trends like juicing that claim to have so many benefits, but do they really? I looked at the science behind celery juice and then I drank a bottle of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning for a week. Here were the results.

Celery juice first gained popularity when a medical medium (not a doctor) Anthony William declared Celery juice as a "cure all" solution. Now celery juice has a cult following, especially in Hollywood. Is celery juice really a magic cure or is it an effective placebo?

The first con I found with celery juice was how expensive it is. A 500 ML bottle of celery juice can cost anywhere from 8 to 12 dollars. Thats about $60 a week so this is not a cheap option. You could make it at home but it can be very labour intensive and you most likely need a juicer. In Canada, specifically, celery prices have skyrocketed in the past year. Drinking 500 ML of celery juice every morning was a struggle - it tastes like an even more bitter version of a regular green juice. The fact is that drinking it was not an enjoyable experience so I was hoping, at the very least, I would get the benifits from drinking it. After the first morning I took my dog on a walk and felt dehydrated. I thought that this was just my body getting used to it but I was consistently dehydrated every morning the whole week. Did I feel healthier? Yes and no - the idea of drinking a green juice makes you feel healthy and it definitley looks and tastes healthy, however, nutritionally it is no different than just eating a stock of celery without the fiber. Conclusion: I don't think its worth it. If you want to be healthy just get a salad.