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5 things I wish I knew before getting a dog

Don't get me wrong, I love my fur baby but she is a handful sometimes. This article is geared more towards people who are getting or have puppies because a lot of this is puppy behaviour. You also might have a different experience if your dog is more than one owner. These are not among the first things that you can generally find on the internet like dogs are "expensive" or "you have to pick up their poop" but they are just as true.

1.Your dog comes first

Having a dog is very similar to having a child in the way that your dog becomes a priority. Especially as a puppy dogs can be a handful and you can't just leave for hours at a time. You can't make last minute trips or decide spontaniously to not come home until the next day. It is important to consider your dog when making plans.

2.You will have no personal space

While some dogs like having some personal space a lot of dogs don't. My dog personally wakes me up every morning by pawing and licking at my face or barking in it. Dogs dont care about having your personal space or having privacy, so don't be shocked when they try to follow you into the bathroom.

3. Don't own nice things

This is especially true if you have a puppy. Puppies get into things and they don't care how nice and expensive they are. They like to chew on furniture and before being potty trained may pee on things. If you are bringing a new puppy home, get rid of that white couch and that $3000 rug ASAP!

4. Puppy proof your house

Along the same lines as my last point, dogs get into things. Make sure they can't reach certain things and cant chew on electrical wiring. Also along these lines, dont leave food out because they will 100% eat it if they get the chance.

5. You can't imagine not having a dog

Before I got my dog, I couldn't imagine having a dog. I have never grown up with a dog so I wasn't sure what to expect. My puppy changed my life for the better. I can't imagine not seeing her furry face every morning now. Dogs are a lot of work but they also bring so much love and joy to your life.