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What's the deal with wellness?: 6 "health" trends that need to stop.

Health and Wellness has become a huge trend in the last decade. While taking care of your health is important, do these trends really make a difference? Being healthy is cheaper than you think! Here are 6 very popular health fads without any science to back them up.


The words "cleanse" and "detox" have become very big buzz words recently. The idea that you need to eliminate these unknown toxins in your body is what drives this cleanse premise. While having cold-pressed juice is a good alternative if you struggle to put fruis and vegatables into your diet, if you already have enough produce juicing can be unhelpful. Also only drinking juice and restraining from eating solid food is in fact dangerous and damaging to your health.

2.Dry brushing

Along the same lines of needing unecessary nutrients, a lot of health fads promote uneccesary treatments. Dry brushing is said to promote circulation and blood flow. While it does temporarily, it provides no lasting benefit. It also stems from the idea that we need help with circulation. If it aint broken don't fix it!


We get most of our vitamins from food however, the way supplements are marketed you wouldn't think that. Supplements are great if you are deficient in certain vitamins. If you already have your daily dose of all your vitamins and nutrients taking supplements are overkill.

4. Gluten free

Going gluten free has become a very big trend. However there is little scientific evidence to support the claim that gluten is bad for you. If you have a disorder like celiac's disease, then going gluten free is necessary. If you don't then there is no need to go gluten free.

5.Fad Diets

People want to lose weight fast but a lot of these extreme diets are not the solution. Fad diets usually restrict calorie intake, cut out certain food groups, and are generally unsustainable. While you may lose weight short term, it will be hard to keep it off in the long run. You don't need to follow a restrictive diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Colonics also are among this group of health propanganda insisting you cleanse your body of "toxins". Colonics claim to detoxify the body by removing the waste from the intestine's and bowel.Colonics have no proven scientific benefit and have the risk of transmitting infections. Your body naturally detoxifies itself everytime you go to the bathroom. You don't need a fancy and lengthly treatment to do that.

What's the takeaway?

What these trends have in common is they are pricey and the results are only short -term. If you want to be healthy, eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke or do drugs, and limit your drinking.