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how to be more productive!!tips and tricks!

Productivity is a skill that is harder to follow than you think. It is so easy to procrastinate, especially with today's technology to distract us. Here are some ways I've noticed that have helped me be more productive.

1.Have a schedule or a planner! Having a handheld planner really helped me stay organized and be more productive. Physically writing down and scheduling everything you have to do is so important. The first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning is go to my living room and check my schedule for the day. If I have an assignment I need to work on a class or a meeting, I always write it down. When you make time to do something, and write it down you are way more likely to do it. Then it becomes so much harder to procrastinate. This method also works if you have the opposite problem.If you overbook yourself or multitask all the time, planning out your day, making sure you have some free time to spend with family and friends is very important. Having a physical schedule will prevent you from cluttering your schedule. For me as a student, I not only write down my due dates for assignments, I also schedule in a time to work on the assignment so I'm not doing anything last minute. I can say in 3 years at university I have not once had to pull an allnighter because I use my time effectively.

2.Live in a productive environment. When organizing your house or workspace its important to be deliberate. Having a specific are to eat, to sleep, to chill, and to work are very important. I live in a tiny apartment but I still have my desk and office are where I work. I never study anywhere else in my home. I also never relax or eat in bed. Every area has a specific function. Why do I do this? Your brain associates different areas for different things. Only sleeping in bed means that my brain associates my bed with sleep so I gert tired when I go to bed. My brain associatesd my office space with work so my brain goes into workmod when I sit down at my desk. Also living in a clean and organized enviroment is also a huge part in living in a productive home. I always say you can tell a lot by someone by just spending 5 minutes in their home. Living in a cluttered dirty home makes you less likely to be productive in it. Having a clean organised home makes it a lot easier to get certain tasks done.