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Dangers of Dieting: My Story

Food has always been a very difficult subject for me as I'm sure it is for other women. I love the idea of drinking a kale smoothie every morning and feeling energized for the day but in reality it's not that great. I will say that I do lead a very healthy lifestyle, but I'm also human. This is the part that we don't talk about. The fact that it's normal to want food. I naturally have a low metabolism and I was not born to be skinny. I have always been healthy but I thought healthy meant thin. I have followed a vegan diet for about 5 or 6 years now and I love it. Then again, I live in a big city with lots of vegan options so it's easier for me. I have never been a big fan of meat, hate eggs, and dairy makes me sick (lactose intolerance) so veganism was a natural step for me. Also I think it's important to have socratic conversations with ourselves. I'm not saying go full psychoanalyst but ask yourself why you do things. I couldn't justify eating animal products to myself so I stopped eating them. Although I was vegan the pounds didn't come off. Right now I am 19, 5'3", and 155 pounds which is technically overweight. I am by no means fat but I am also not skinny. I exercise 5 days a week at least and am a ballet dancer. However, I am not, and never have been unhealthy. But I want to be skinny. I want a flat stomach so kale juice it is. It tastes like a salad and who has ever said their favourite food was salad…literally nobody ever. Eating fruit and veggies all day is fine, if you've never tasted any other food. You can eat all you want but you never feel satisfied. Restrictive diets will never make you feel satisfied either.

You can starve yourself all you want but it's not sustainable. That's why I (who is not a doctor, 0r a


say eat healthy, exercise, but if you have a craving, feed it. Maybe don't eat a whole pizza or turn into a Trisha Paytas Mukbang but feed your craving. I'm not a dietitian but I am a normal woman with a normal appetite. Eating fruit is not just like candy because if you think that, you clearly have never had any good candy before. I personally go by the golden rule 80% healthy 20% indulgent. And also just because the BMI tells you your overweight doesn't mean you are unhealthy. There are plenty of stick thin people who are not healthy. Health involves mind and body. Getting into a calorie counting restrictive mindset is not healthy. Focus less on the scale and more on yourself.