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Best exercises for your mood

For a Quick Energy Boost: cycling

A 45 minute cycling class provides excellent cardio. Adding resistance builds strength in your legs. I find that spinning boosts my mood because the people around you are energetic and the music is loud so that pumps you up. On top of that, spinning classes are a quick workout option because they are usually under an hour!

To Sweat It All Out: kettlebell and hot yoga

Kettle bell is for those of you who prefer high impact weight training. It is typically a 45 minute class but you work at a greater intensity. Trainers promote doing circuits where you switch back and forth from the kettlebell free weights and strength machines. Sometimes they will have a white board which organizes the routines for each exercise and the amount of reps. So the class ends up going by quickly for those for you in a hurry.

For a change of pace, literally, there's hot yoga. It's much more calm but yet a very good way to exercise. You may feel like you're not doing a lot but you actually end up sweating buckets! If you are already a fan of yoga and want to step it up a bit, I highly recommend hot yoga.

For the Unmotivated: Orange Theory

Orange Theory is a North American fitness chain and it's a little different than any other fitness clubs. You don't have to be member to use their facilities and experts. You can sign up for a number of classes that work best for your schedule. I like the hour long workout that combines cardio such as treadmill and rowing along with weight training. An instructor takes you through the whole class so you are pushed to your max. You also wear a heart rate monitor and the higher the heart rate, the closer you are to the "orange zone". That let's you know the impact you're having on your body. The goal is to get to that "zone" and stay there for between twelve and twenty minutes. If you are someone who wants to workout but doesn't really know how to do it, I highly recommend "Orange Theory"!

For Relaxation: Yin Yoga

Stretching is considered a healthy way to maintain flexibility and while Yin is technically a type of yoga, it is also a good way to stretch. I find that if I have a week of high intensity workouts, taking a yin class is really effective at releasing the fascia and getting a good stretch. It is also a calming and relaxing time when you're coping with the stress of everyday life. I highly recommend spending an hour at the end of your day, powering down at a yin yoga class.